Le château de Cabezac

Castle Cabezac in its fairy lights and colors are countless achievements since its opening in 2000. Everything is there for your guests an unforgettable memory in the discreet charm of a rediscovered past.

Our Areas will be adapted to suit individual requirements and we will help you in a discreet but strict organization.

The decor is planted, let the magic and romance of places to operate

Grand Salon

The Grand Salon of 200m2 which can accommodate up to 150 people for a seated reception and dance, preceded by a Hall Home hundred and thirty square meters, will give your reception shine that only old stone walls harmoniously enlightened know returns. The bay window overlooking the park will offer your guests the living portrait of a kind shimmering color throughout the day.


Little room 100m2 with multiple functions : Space conferences 70 people seated, in Salon rest area or television for children.

Terrace Area

The Main Lobby, covered terrace of 140m2 opening directly onto the Grand Salon guarantees in the case of the vagaries of weather, the success of your cocktail reception or honor wine usually held in the Castle’s park.

Chapel Area

Former stop on the Way of Saint Jacques de Compostela, the Chapel of St. Anthony of the eleventh century calls for the respect of old stones.

Park Area

Two hectares of old with multiple species to welcome your guests along the river for a rustic cocktail, a reception, make your photos or simply allow everyone to make a soothing stroll through the majestic alleys.

Castle Cabezac, under its Receptions Prestige, offers its hosts four newly developed areas.”

chateau cabezac espace salon


chateau cabezac espace salon


chateau cabezac espace chapelle


chateau cabezac espace parc


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Château de Cabezac

Rooms for receptions Prestige
16-20 Hameau de Cabezac
Tel /Fax : (33) 04 68 46 23 90
Coordonnées GPS : Nord 43°17’52 ‘’- Est 2°52’8’’

  • Grand Salon : 200 m²
  • Small Living : 100 m²
  • Covered Terrace Cocktail: 130 m²
  • Exclusive Complex

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